Why opt for NANROBOT D6+?

Why opt for NANROBOT D6+?

Thousands of scooter lovers worldwide have rated NANROBOT D6+ as their latest favorite ride, and we agree. Combining agility, power, and speed, it is one of the most potent and refined scooter options available in the market today.

The Nanrobot D6+, unlike all the baby scooters running down the town road, is a solid folding electric scooter that hits 40mph within no time. You could be gliding it over a single rough terrain like a mountain bike at one instant and flying down the jam-packed pavements at another moment, and NANROBOT D6+ will never fail to attract the eyeballs around it.

Why NANROBOT D6+ is the Latest Talk in the Scooter Town?

NANROBOT has been in the market for a while and has produced tons of innovative products, but their list of electric scooters is not long enough. Nonetheless, their NANROBOT D6+is proving to be a considerable power delivered in a small package, and scooters riders cannot help themselves buy this ergonomic and affordable option. Thanks to this scooter’s double hub motors, full suspension, integrated headlight, and hydraulic solid and electronic braking systems, NANROBOT D6+ is all set to take on both the urban area and slightly off-road terrain. Other reasons why you should order your NANROBOT D6+ today are as follows:

1. Speed

With a top speed of40 mph, this electric scooter happens to be one of the fastest electric scooters on the market. Irrespective of how fast you drive it, this electric machine is never going to lose its balance and stability.

2. Power

This incredible electric scooter is equipped with two 1000-watt power motors that help this excellent scooter go from 0mph to 40 mph within no time. Depending on your configuration, single drive, dual drive, turbo mode, or eco mode, you might get different specifications.

3. Range and Battery of The Scooter

With its massive 26 ah battery and a system of 52 V, this electric scooter is calculated to have a maximum range of 40 miles. Since these are just estimations, the natural range of any electric scooter cannot be determined without putting weather, rider weight, style, speed, and terrain in the equation.

4. Frame and Weight

This amazing folding electric scooter is made of an aluminum alloy body and weighs approximately 77 pounds. This is some serious weight for an electric scooter. You might wonder how riders carry this scooter on rough terrains. The answer is the folding mechanism that makes it easy to fold and carry.


If you are looking for a high-quality, energetic, and an affordable electric scooter that sets the off-road terrains on fire and sails through the town roads like a breeze, NANROBOT D6+ is the best choice you can make. With its26 AH battery, rugged design, and massive power battery, NANROBOT D6+ is an ideal choice for riders that want to test the suspensions on natural terrain. NANROBOT D6+ can commute, single track, and hit low jumps. What else do you need to opt for NANROBOT D6+?