Why Do You Need a Yamaha Motif XF8?

Why Do You Need a Yamaha Motif XF8?

Every keyboard lover is a fan of Yamaha products, especially the Motif series, which offers a wide range of options with top-notch features. This collection's latest piece comes in three versions, xf6, xf7, and xf8. The xf6 is the least expensive of the three, and it features sixty-one keys, while the xf7, with seventy-six keys, is not as costly as the xf8. On the other hand, the yamaha motif xf8 comes with eighty-eight keys, usually costing about $3,500.

Boasting remarkable features that outshine the other motif versions, the xf8 never disappoints in producing high-quality sounds. It has an excellent internal wave memory of 741MB with nearly 1,700 voices and 97 drum kits. In addition, there is an expansion space of 2GB, allowing users to discover their best sounds without stress.

So feel free to ask yourself, as a keyboard enthusiast: why do you need a Yamaha motif xf8? If you have no immediate answers or need to be convinced, read on to the highlighted top reasons you should have this piece.

4 Top Reasons You Need A Yamaha Motif XF8

First-class sound quality

As you read above, Yamaha motif xf8 has a 741MB wave memory that features incredible sounds of instruments, classic synths, and hip-hop tunes. However, with the keyboard, you can also produce unique sounds of smooth horns, major release piano sounds, and guitar harmonics. Its FC3 foot pedal supports half-regulator pedaling while the onboard vocoder lets you link your microphone and use your voice as an effect.

Category Search

The category search is one of the top reasons you need a Yamaha motif xf8, given that it is easy to pick the right music or tune from the featured collection. This is the latest addition to the motif series, and in the xf8, all the sounds are classified, with some having sub-classes, enabling users to have a straightforward selection process. In addition, the performance mode allows you to go through the music based on genre, while in the favorite mode, you can tag the vocalist and performance for easier discovery later on.

Flexible Memory

With the featured two USB slots, the xf8 can take up to 2GB of flash memory, allowing you to compose as much music as possible. This memory range is the highest of all the motif collections as there are no other ones presently with 3GB of sound, including both internal memory and the RAM. Moreover, the flash memory of the xf8 is re-writable and enables users to replace samples anytime with new ones.

Friendly User Interface

The user interface is pretty easy for keyboarders to handle with its outstanding features comprising buttons, sliders, and moveable knobs. These make the experience much more interesting as you produce high-quality creations without disturbance.


Every keyboarder needs a Yamaha motif for the best experience, but with the xf8, you get to enjoy its special attractions, acquiring value for the money spent. Plus, it is no doubt a recommendable option proven with the above itemized four top reasons you need a Yamaha motif xf8. With its friendly user interface, remarkable category search, expandable memory, and top-notch sound quality, your recording sessions just got better with unparalleled quality.