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How long do pressure washers to cool down

by Nyla

How Long do Pressure Washers take to Cool Down?

When you’re using a pressure washer in high temperature conditions, you’re going to need to know how long it will take for the machine to cool down before you can use it again. If you don’t wait long enough, you can damage the pump and void your warranty.

The maximum temperature of the water flowing from the pressure washer depends on the ambient, or house temperature and the source of the water. For example, if you use hot water from a tank and it’s 50 degrees outside, it will take about an hour for the water to cool down to room temperature. If it’s colder than 50 degrees outside, you’ll need to wait longer.

When operating a pressure washer, preparation is one of the best ways to avoid overheating. Here are some tips for keeping your pressure washer cool during operation:

  • Pre-cooling – If possible, store your machine in a cold environment before use. This can reduce temperatures inside the engine and make it easier for heat produced by the engine to dissipate during use.
  • External cooling – You can attach an external cooling system to your pressure washer to minimize heat buildup during operation. However, these systems can be expensive and complex, so they are better suited for commercial users who operate their machines at maximum capacity often.

Best External cooling tools for pressure washers

An external cooling system consists of a radiator, a fan, and a reservoir. The fan blows air across the radiator, which cools down hot water before it returns back into the pressure washer’s pump for reuse. This keeps your pressure washer running at optimal levels even on hot summer days!

The most common type of external cooling system is called “radiators.” These are usually made from aluminum and have fans attached to them so they can blow air across their surface area while also circulating water through pipes inside of them.

Radiators come in different sizes depending on how much heat they need to dissipate from your pressure washer’s engine and pump. For example, some radiators can only cool about 500 watts worth of power while others are capable of handling 2000 watts or more!

External cooling tools are designed to help keep your pressure washer cool while you work. They do this by circulating water around the pump so heat can be dissipated more quickly. This results in longer run time, less strain on engine parts and improved performance overall for your machine.

External cooling tools, also known as accessories, for pressure washers include:

  • Surface Cleaners: A surface cleaner is a round disk with a spinning arm that has two or more nozzles pointing downward. As the disk spins around the arm, the nozzles spray water in a circular pattern that clean large flat surfaces quickly and evenly.
  • Turbo Nozzle: A turbo nozzle is an accessory that fits on the end of your pressure washer wand. The turbo nozzle has a rotary attachment that creates a swirling motion, which cleans surfaces faster than a standard nozzle.

Some of the best external cooling tools for extending the life of your engine include”:

  • Alfa Tools J60035 High Pressure Nozzle Cooling Tool (1/4-Inch Thread)
  • General Pump Zinc Plated External Cooling Tool (1/4-Inch Thread)
  • Greenworks Replacement Universal Electric Power Washer Gun Kit with Wand and Variable Nozzle

Feel free to reach out to the experts for an appropriate guide on these cooling tools. Visit them at the Giraffetools collections.

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