Gold Mining Equipment At Affordable Prices On Alibaba

Gold Mining Equipment At Affordable Prices On Alibaba

It is not unheard of that someone randomly started finding gold in their nearby river and rivulets. It is quite common actually. Over the years one have heard several stories about where to find gold and how desperate a man may become when they find gold. Gold has been a precious mineral since the dawn of time. It was used as coin in the early years and now, it is used as ornaments as it is very malleable and ductile, i.e., it is easy to mold into shape after you have heated it and hammered it flat. Gold mining has been around for a while. There are several different gold mining equipment that can be used to mine gold. Here, in this article different types of gold mining equipment are described below.

Types Of Gold Mining Equipment

Gold mining equipment have been around for centuries. There are several different types of these equipment which all follow different methods to sieve and collect gold.

Manual Shaker

Starting in number one, the equipment presented is a manual shaker. This has been around for centuries. It is a sieve that can be used to collect water from the rivers and shaken to collect the gold ores. The Gold ores to gold nuggets, all of these smaller chunks of gold can be separated using this Equipment.

Flotation Separator

Flotation separators are separators that are used to separate solid ores from liquids. In this case, the ores’ hydrophilic (water loving) and hydrophobic (water hating) nature plays a huge role in this separation. In this case, the water with ores is put into the equipment and slowly but surely, one will notice the solid separating upward, making it easy for them to removed. This happens as solid ores are interacting with the gaseous molecules present in the liquid.

Spiral Separator

In this method a slurry or ore and liquid (water0 is passed through a spiral belt while it is moving. This causes the belt to act as a sieve to slowly get rid of the water, leaving the ore sediment along the belt in their size, density and specific gravity. This is one of the most commonly used equipment for gold mining.

Magnetic Separator

A lot of ores are magnetic in nature. That is why, magnetic separators work amazingly to separate gold from the bigger chunks of ores. A magnet is passed through the ore mixture and every magnetic ore is moved away, leaving behind the non-magnetic ores behind. Gold is a non-magnetic ore. However if a huge magnetic field is presented to the Gold Ores, they move slightly but not like iron ores.

Gravity Separator

Gravity separators as the name suggest, uses gravity to separate various ores. Every mineral on the surface of earth has different molecular weight ad using that as an advantage one can easily separate the gold ores from others as gold is comparatively lighter.


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