DIY Methods for Giving Highlights to Your Hair At Home

DIY Methods for Giving Highlights to Your Hair At Home

Trying to learn how to color your hair at home is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences. Salon visits are pricey for a reason, as anybody who has done so knows.  To dye your own hair, you will need a certain amount of dexterity and a working knowledge of chemistry. Platinum blonde or pixie-dust purple, there is one hair color guideline that stays the same: Always read the instructions on the dye box before using it. Not doing so, according to experts, is one of the most common reasons women return to the salon for costly repairs. However, if all of this seems like too much work to you, you can always opt for wigs. Now, the best part of this decision is that you can buy any type of wigs, even bundles with a frontal from our online store. Let’s discuss it further;

Highlighting your hair is easy:

What is the secret to looking naturally tanned and sun-kissed? Choose a kit that is just one shade lighter than your base color. 

Things you will need to:

  • Highlighting or box dyeing kit.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Gloss.

The First Step:

Blow-dry, style, and part your hair as usual after you have done a strand test and followed the directions. Using this method can assist you to show off the best parts of your outfit.

The Second Step:

Start from the front and move back toward the crown of your head. However, do not place them in a uniform pattern. 

The Third Step:

Use a toothbrush to apply the solution from root to tip, rather than a brush, which may be more exact than certain brushes. Prop each piece up with a cotton ball so that the color does not bleed.

The Last Step:

Wait as long as the instructions suggest before washing. Apply a clear gloss coating to protect the color and enhance shine after washing. 

Remedies To Undo Your Mistakes:

Do not worry, we have got some suggestions for resolving any color gaffes. To get started, you will need a clarifying shampoo and a conditioning mask.

Dark Color:

Using a clarifying shampoo, combine a spoonful of baking soda and let it rest on wet hair for five minutes. Alternatively, you may use olive oil on wet hair, then cover it with a shower cap and a heated towel. The heat opens up the cuticle just enough to allow a few color molecules to spill out. So, you should wait until you have used your usual shampoo before continuing.

Brassy Color:

If your hair is too warm, you will need to lighten it up. A lavender-hued shampoo may be ideal over the following several days to remove semi-permanent color. 


Maintaining your hair color is the second most crucial component of learning how to color your hair at home. You will wind up spending more time and money in the long run if you don't. You should treat hair the same way you treat your skin.