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A Guide For Buying Vitamin C Serum

by Nyla

People appreciate Vitamin C a lot because of its excellent properties and benefits. However, buying doesn’t entail picking a bottle off the rack. You need to figure out various things during that moment before deciding to pay. There are different forms of Vitamin C, with varying formulas, textures, and ingredients. Click on read to understand more about the component and its effects on your skin. We expound on considerations to make when buying a Vitamin C serum below.

How to buy a Vitamin C based serum

Choosing a serum is not as easy as you think. It takes a lot of understanding to buy what’s suitable for the skin. Researching beforehand helps, but the customer assistant at the store can also guide you through.

Know your skin

People have different skin types based on genetics or environmental factor. You may be born with a particular skin type which later changes due to exposure to the sun or other elements. Your skin needs vary from another person’s, so you may not share a similar product. Vitamin C serum consists of components like Ascorbic Acid and Ascorbyl, which differ in how they work. Ascorbic acid Vitamin C may cause irritation if you have sensitive skin, unlike normal skin. Identifying these few details goes a long way to help you get what works well.

The concentration of the Vitamin C serum

Various concentration levels do good on different skin types. Do you have sensitive, oily, dry, or normal skin? The answer you give to this question will guide you to the next step. Nevertheless, most Vitamin C oils have a concentration ranging between 10-20%. Anything between 8 percent is acidic enough to go through the skin barrier and work effectively. Avoid serums whose concentration levels are above 20 percent. This means they are overly acidic and cause irritation on the skin.

The packaging of the Vitamin C serum

How a product is packed determines several things lie its lasting period. The serum bottle is very important since Vitamin C begins to break down when exposed to light. The container should be dark or opaque, making it hard to see through it. Avoid clear bottles which expose the serum to too much light, increasing the chances for degradation. Vitamin C oil stored in a dark cabinet lasts longer than that placed on an open shelf. Another thing, the bottle must be airtight to keep off oxygen. Oxygen ruins the concentration and can lower it to 2 percent, irritating the skin. Ensure you use the serum for a maximum of 6 months after opening it.

Price of the Vitamin C serum

A high-quality serum is more expensive than low quality. The concentration and formulas used usually determine the quality. Therefore, a highly concentrated serum, say 15 percent, will cost more than a 10 percent serum. When choosing from the same brand, the concentration level plus the price can quickly tell you the quality of the product.


Buying a suitable Vitamin C-based serum poses multiple effects. It works well for your skin to create a smooth and glowy finish. In addition, good packaging prevents quick degradation, saving you the money needed to replace the product. Also, learn your skin for an easy selection process.

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